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I made a commitment to myself last year to upload more than 100 videos to On-Demand for 2022. I am happy to say there are now 117 yoga classes on the library.

I’ve tried to put on all the favourite classes that I tend to teach in classes but if there are any that you love but are not on there or you don’t know how to find, let me know.

My intention going forward is to upload one class per week, with at least one stronger Vinyasa Flow, one Gentler, and one adaptive yoga class. I’ll post an update to the blog every Friday letting you know what classes have been added. I have also added a New Classes Playlist to the On-Demand web page, so if you like doing the new ones, you can see which ones have recently been uploaded.

Recently added are:

  • Adapted sun salutations using the chair

  • Adapted yoga for legs

  • Conscious movement (Gentler Yoga)

  • Back strength

  • Push ups for reps

  • Hindu pushups for reps

Yoga for Strength

I’ve been working on the Yoga for Strength playlist, which you may have noticed has now been uploaded. This is a playlist of short classes with strengthening exercises designed to help you feel stronger in your yoga practice. Some of you have already been enjoying the fiery quality of these classes, and I do have a plan to do a workshop or regular class where we work on strengthening the body for yoga. This can be an excellent add-on to your regular practice. I’ve added a monthly plan to follow for this, if you really want to work on strength. Click in the link below to take a look.


Yoga for Beginners

I've been hearing from a lot of people who really want to start yoga or get back into it, but are struggling to fit it in or develop the habit. So, I've worked on creating a beginner's channel and calendar for you. These classes are designed to teach you the basics of yoga asana and to introduce you to some of the different styles of yoga at Vhairi Slaven Yoga.

You can buy it as a one-off payment of £20 or subscribe to the On-Demand Library for access to more than 100 videos including the Beginner's Series.

I know it can be challenging to commit and make a habit, so I've added some tips on how to establish the habit and I'm doing an in-person workshop in Symington on Sunday 27 March from 2-5pm where we'll go over the basics and the types of yoga available. I'm including 3 months access to the on-demand library.


After the last couple of years, I know that lots of people have got out of the habit of going to classes. Or maybe the class you used to go to is no longer there. It can be challenging to find the incentive or the right class. So, I've created this page and workshop for people who have also been away from yoga for a while. One of the best ways of reminding yourself how much you love yoga is by coming to a workshop. I'll let you know about different classes locally (including other teachers) and can go over how to join online or use on-demand.

I know there can be barriers to coming back, let me help you take some of those down.

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