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This week we have two new videos, one Vinyasa Flow and one Slow Flow with options to adapt.

Vinyasa Flow for the Thighs

Vinyasa Flow this week has been all about the thighs! This sequence will get your thighs working and stretching in lots of different ways including postures like Goddess, Camel and Flamingo. Of course, in amongst all that, the whole legs will be working hard and there are some great moves for toning your waist by strengthening the obliques. Can anyone guess what sequence we're leading up to? The answer may be on this page...

Slow Flow Moon Salutations

In Slow Flow, we have a short standing Moon Salutations practice with the option to use chairs for your pyramid and triangle. Even if you don't need to use a chair, it's a great way of exploring those postures, giving you plenty of time and space to reposition the feet and allowing the hand to take some of the body weight off of the leg and/or the obliques.

Let me know how your legs are after either of these practices. Strong I hope! :)

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