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"I'm in my own head a lot and when I do yoga it brings me back down instead of having me all up in the air."

Posture: Yogi Squat or Garland.

Sansktrit:  Malasana 

"It's a more focused, more concentrated, calmer feeling when I do it. If I don't go I feel stiff and constrained."

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Posture: Half Bound Yogi Squat or Garland.

Sansktrit:  Baddha Malasana 

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Posture: Eagle Pose

Sansktrit:  Garudasana

"It used to be about achieving the pose a lot more, working towards this position. Whereas now, it's great to hear teachers being honest about their own bodies. The focus has changed from achieving this to accepting where you are and opening up from there without hurting yourself."

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