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Vhairi Slaven

Find your strength with Yoga

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Hi, I’m Vhairi

I teach yoga classes, workshops and retreats in Ayrshire. I teach classes to suit all bodies and abilities in a way that helps you feel capable, strong, and at ease.

A range of classes to suit all bodies and abilities. 

Classes generally include various styles of sun salutations or flowing movements, yoga asanas, breathing exercises, mindfulness and relaxation – all adapted to suit the class type and those attending.


I always enjoy Vhairi’s classes and feel enriched in so many ways by them. I like hearing how certain postures can benefit the body. And for anyone interested there are lifestyle tips and recommendations online from Vhairi. I find her inspiring and encouraging.


Vhairi makes me feel secure, included, and empowered during her dynamic yoga classes. Each session is an opportunity to reset, listen to my body and begin again.


Thank you. 


I have been going to Vhairi’s Foundations of Yoga and Gentle Flow classes and would highly recommend them for anyone starting out on their yoga practice. Starting yoga for the first time in my mid 50s was a little daunting but I need not have worried as the classes are so friendly and inclusive.


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