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"I enjoy the focus. You're not bothering what anyone else is doing. You're more concentrating on yourself and doing the best you can do with the body you've got.

The good thing about the online classes is you don't have to wash your face."

another human doing yoga 5.jpg

Posture: Triangle

Sanskrit: Utthita Trikonasana

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"I just feel really well. I feel fitter than I've probably been since my thirties. I get a buzz out of it. I feel stronger and more aware."

Pet: Minnie

Favourite: Biting feet

"I'd never seen people my shape doing yoga. Once I actually joined the classes, it was instantaneous that I loved it. I've never felt I can't be bothered doing it. I wish I had done it in my teens. It's a journey, you progressively feel better. It's different all the time."

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