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"It's an hour and a half of time to unwind and forget all the things around us."

"I like to challenge myself in different poses, like balancing."

Posture: Yogic Squat 

Sansktrit: Malasana (Garland/Rosary)


Posture: Supported Headstand

Sansktrit: Salamba (supported) Sirsasana (head posture) or Shirsasana (known as King of Asanas)


"I enjoy the relaxation at the end as well, I get really deep into it. I find the breathing really helps, being reminded to breathe, breathe. You go in and your head is buzzing from day to day stuff and you come out and you're completely chilled.


One time we did meditation (loving kindness meditation) and I was really quite surprised about how deep it was - emotionally actually. A lot of emotions came out that day."

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