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Which Class?

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes Ayrshire

Vinyasa Flow

You will be guided from asana to asana in a dynamic sequence using your breath.


There are many variations in the postures and the practice can be slow or fast but the continuous movement will get your heart going and your body temperature rising in sequences designed to improve your strength and flexibility.​

Adaptive Yoga Classes Ayrshire

Adaptive Yoga 

These classes are ideal for those of you living with limited mobility, or any conditions that mean the support of the chair makes yoga more accessible to you.

​All Yoga postures and movements are adapted to provide you with the experience of the posture, no matter your situation, condition or lack of confidence.

Foundations of Yoga - Classes Ayrshire

Yin Yoga

In this class, we practice deep stretches held for longer periods of time to stretch the connective tissue (fascia) as well as the muscles to increase flexibility and mobility.


Postures are usually held for 3-5 minutes and we often use props. 

Restorative Yoga Classes Ayrshire


Find ways to open and stretch your body through gentle movement and passive stretching supported with props.


An ideal practice for at home yoga, you can use pillows, cushions and blankets to completely support your joints.

Gentle Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes Ayrshire

Slow Flow

This is a slower paced flow with gentler versions of sun salutations and postures.


You will still challenge yourself but slowly, with lots of time to warm up, and adaptations to suit your own body and pace.

  • 1 hr 30 min

    45 British pounds
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