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Kim and friends

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"There was no social media when I started. I remember trying to get a book out of the library, but it was so complicated, I had no idea. My teacher was in her 40s, she wore a leotard with stretchy leggings. She had an air of mystery about her. At that time, all the ladies were of a similar age and they all wore leotards."

Posture: Tree Pose

Sansktrit: Vrkshasana (VRik-shah-SUN-aa)

"Yoga is for everybody and anybody and it doesn’t matter because there is always something you can do. There’s always a way to change the poses."

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Posture: Easy pose

Sansktrit: Sukhasana 


Posture: Cobra pose

Sansktrit: Bhujangasana

I started when I was about 16. I was quite into athletics then. It was a way of making sure the muscles were stretched and keeping flexibility. I wouldn’t like to guess what age my teacher was at the time, but I kept thinking to myself, if I can still move the way she can (she looked amazing) I’d be quite happy when I got into later life.”



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Posture: Half Spinal Twist

Sansktrit: Ardha Matsyendrāsana

Window half moon.jpg

Posture: Half Moon

Sansktrit: Ardha chandrasana

"You start to hear your body talking to you. It's nice when you're standing there, you can feel the stretch, you can feel your muscles moving."


Posture: Warrior 2 

Sansktrit: Virabhadrasana II

(As per Hindu Mythology, Virabhadra was the name of a Warrior created by Lord Shiva)

"I think you know you're doing it right by the way your body feels. You stand there and you close your eyes and you don't think about anything else."

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