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"I'm definitely feeling a lot stronger in my body. I used to put my back out a lot. I haven't done that for a long time."

Posture: High Lunge 

Sansktrit: Ashta Chandrasana (Eight point crescent moon pose)

"Yoga is something that I do and love and I can feel it being a great benefit to me physically and mentally."


Pet: Hamish

Favourite: Yoga Nidra

"I read it in a book once and it was a great description, the character was saying they were walking around with a little cameraman on their shoulder filming everything that they did and he was very critical of himself and editing everything as he went along and I was like, 'oh I do that'. So I try to be much more listening to the birds and looking at the trees and trying to be in the moment rather than planning my next strategy for life."

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