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I'm so excited to launch an on-demand library of yoga classes.


These are pre-recoded classes of all different styles and lengths that you can practice at home in your own time.


The subscriptions start at £10 per month. You can try for a free trial period and choose when you want it to start. There are subscriptions that include Zoom and in-person classes.


The classes are listed in channels for the different kinds of yoga, relaxation and meditation. There will be a channel for each of the following:


· Vinyasa Flow

· Gentle Flow

· Foundations

· Restorative

· Meditation

· Yoga nidra (downloadable)


Coming soon

· Adaptive Yoga

· Yin

· Strength Flow


There will be classes with modifications for all bodies and levels including adaptive and gentle yoga. 

I will add new classes every month and am always open to requests!

For more info and to find out how it all works, click here and to sign up, click on the button below.

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