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This is a series of short classes that are designed to increase your muscular strength. These classes are ideal if you have a short period of time to exercise or to add on to existing classes to increase your strength for a yoga practice.

They're all under 30 minutes and can be added to a practice or as part of your daily exercise routine. If you're new to yoga, I would recommend the Foundations and Beginner's channels first.


Follow the calendar and add these to your weekly exercise routine to increase strength and mobility.


Vinyasa Flow is a wonderful flowing practice that can lead you into a meditative state of movement. It’s my experience that you enjoy this best when your body feels strong enough to move from asana to asana with confidence. Some postures in Vinyasa Flow are challenging and they require muscular strength. This channel will help you to feel this.


This is not for anyone who is completely new to exercise. If you’re completely new, have been away from exercise for some time, or you have any conditions or injuries that affect your mobility, try Beginners, Foundations or Adapted Yoga. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, drop me a message and I’ll discuss it with you.


Get started now and follow the Calendar.

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