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What is Strength Flow?

Strength Flow is a stronger class that is designed to strengthen your body.

It is a dynamic sequence of movements and postures that work on building muscle and core stability. It includes things like press-ups, planks, and squats.

Strength Flow is ideal for people who want to work on more challenging postures and styles of yoga that require stamina and strength. It's all done within a Vinyasa Flow and you will be reminded to concentrate on breathing, adapting for your own body and body awareness.

If you are working on how to headstand, handstand, or forearm balance, or you just want stronger legs or a stronger upper body, this will do the job. Of course, it will tone up your body and burn calories meaning that you lose weight. But hopefully the more you practice yoga, you will discover body acceptance and your exercise or yoga practice will become more about discovering what you can do and how strong and healthy you are rather than trying to lose weight.

It's best for people who already do a regular yoga or fitness practice.

This class is recorded only, you can book the Strength Flow class at

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