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Welcome to Adapted Beginner’s Yoga

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Here you’ll find a series of classes designed to teach you the basics of yoga asana with adaptions using a chair and props. 

This is for people who can stand, but who have challenges with joint mobility and/or getting up and down from the floor. (for seated chair yoga, go to the Adaptive Channel).

You'll learn some of the different styles of yoga at Vhairi Slaven Yoga and how to adapt to suit your body.

It can be challenging to start a new practice and make it a habit.


Here’s some advice to help you stick to it:


  • Make a realistic commitment as to when you will practice and how often.

  • Start saying to yourself, I practice yoga on a XX (and choose a specific day and time).

  • To feel a difference in how your mind and body feel, I would recommend practicing at least 3 times a week.

  • Hook up with an accountability partner. If you can, do it together with a friend in person or on Zoom, or get a friend who’ll commit to doing the 3-month calendar with you.

  • Note the benefits you’re feeling. Keep a journal or use an app to track your sleep, mood and how you feel in your body.

  • Decide on a posture, movement or functional task or movement that you would like to achieve and make that your goal. It could be something like holding a balance or a strenuous posture, getting up and down off a chair without using your hands, getting your arms straight above your head, or improving your sleep.

  • Follow a calendar - click on this one to download or print it.

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Adapted Beginners Videos
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