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How to book a plan and use the members area

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

1. If you have not got a log in (if you do, go to step 2)

First of all, click on log in at the top lefthand corner of the page (desktop) or top right hand corner (phone).

I would recommend using an email address and a password you won't forget instead of Facebook.

Log in with Email.

2. Enter your email and password

Now you will see a page that says manage your bookings. If you have any, view them here. If not, it will say, make a booking. If you haven't booked, go to step 3.

You can also click on reschedule or the dropdown arrow to cancel. You can also open the meeting link from here, which means you can open it from your device if you login to the website on it.

3. Make a booking

Click on book a class in the main menu

This will bring up the schedule. Select the day and then the class and click on book now.

Enter your details and click on Pay Now. It automatically selects Buy a pricing plan. If you are buying a single class for £7, change the selection.

(If you have a discount code, change the selection to Book a session and click here for further instructions.)

Now it will come up with the option to buy a pricing plan or subscription (unless you chose to pay for a session). Select the one you want.

Then enter your payment details

And click on buy now

It will then confirm you have booked.

You will now receive a confirmation email to your email address with the Zoom details.

Managing subscriptions

You can also go to your member area and view your bookings, subscriptions and class plans.

To view your Bookings click on My Bookings, where you can reschedule and cancel the class. You can also open the Zoom link from here.

View your class plan or subscriiption

It will tell you when your pass expires and how many sessions you have left.

To cancel a subscription

Login, go to the dropdown arrow at your name and select My Subscriptions.

Click on Cancel Subscriptions

When you see this message, click Yes, Cancel.

When it comes to joining the class, click here for Zoom instructions.

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