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On Demand Classes Added

I've just added three new classes to the On-demand library.

  1. Morning Stretch is less than 20 minutes long and is a great way to start your day with gratitude and intention. It only has one downward dog. On the 15-30 minute channel.

  2. No Planks Vinyasa is another shorter class (less than 30 minutes) and - it has no planks either! This was a request for a daily practice flow without planks. On the 15-30 minute channel.

  3. Wu Wei Flow is the flow we've been doing this week. It's just under an hour long. It has lots of side planks and wild things and is a great shoulder strengthener. We also practice side plank and wild thing using a chair to make it more accessible and to give us more time to feel how to come in and go out with concentration and confidence. On the Vinyasa Flow channel.

The Spotify Playlist I'm using this week is called Vinyasa 2021 - Beginning Again. I made it just after we came out of the first lockdown, and I still feel like I'm beginning again lol.

Enjoy the classes and let me know how you get on!


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