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On-Demand News

Several new videos have been uploaded to the On-Demand Library.

Yoga for Strength

I've started a new channel called Yoga for Strength where I’ll share shorter videos of classes that are designed to stress your muscles so that we strengthen them. We’re starting with classes that focus on areas commonly included when we talk about our core, including abs and glutes. I’ve uploaded a video of the extremely effective glute activation exercises inspired by Jane Fonda workouts. It’s just over 10 minutes long but you will feel the burn. Great to add on before a workout or class to activate your glutes. A full channel of these classes will be available by the end of the month. They’ll have less talking and more action!. Click here to take a look.


I’ve added a breathing channel and included some pranayama exercises including Single Nostril Breathing and Kappalabhati. There are beginner’s versions on the Foundations List but it’s straight up practice on the breathing channel. Breathing exercises are an effective way of learning how to control your breath and ultimately (to an extent) your mind. So, pranayama can be really good for things like anxiety, worry or hormone changes that affect your mood. Click here to take a look.


Two new Yin classes have been added which are targeting areas in your body that are found along the Spiral Line meridian. The Spiral Line meridian has many connections that form distinct spirals of deep myofascial connections looping around the legs and torso and plays a role in proper posture and gait.

I’ve recorded a Yin class and also a Vin to Yin class where we do some active postures and movements that target these areas. So, think twisting, revolved postures and side to side movements. There’s also a great sequence that gets your legs working while rotating and flexing your spine in the Vin to Yin. Click here to take a look.


I have put together a channel for Beginners. This includes some Foundations of Yoga and also some classes at a slower pace that will help you to develop your way of flowing through your practice. Click here to take a look.

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